Ambrette Seed Essential oil – Abelmoschus moschatus



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Ambrette seed Essential Oil


Botanical Name: Abelmoschus moschatus
Family: Malvaceae
Synonyms: Abelmoschus moschatus seed oil, Annual hibiscus, Bamia Moschata, Galu Gasturi, Muskdana, Musk mallow, Kasturi Bhindi (Musk okra), Mushkdana, (Musk seeds), Ornamental okra, Rose mallow seeds, Tropical jewel hibiscus,
See Also: Ambrette Seed Absolute
Ambrette SeedsMusk Attar
Parts Used: Fully ripened seeds
Extraction Method: Steam Distillation
Appearance: Pale yellow-red liquid
Aroma Description: Sweet, rich, floral musky
Perfume note: Base
Consistancy: Light
Strength of Initial Aroma:

Origin :



India :

Blends well with: Amyris, Bergamot, Carrot seed, Himalayan Cedarwood  Costus root oil, , Frankincense, Galbanum, Juniper berry, Lavender,Mandarin, Mimosa, Myrrh, Orange, Oakmoss, Patchouli,Peppermint.& Sandalwood (Mysore-Indian)


Ambrette plant is a medicinal plant, which is a shrub  and is native to India, but also cultivated in west indies, indonesia & china. In India it is called Kasturi bhindi ( Kasturi – musk in hindi Bindi means Okra) or “mushkdana” (Mushk = sweet smell & Dana means seed in hindi)  has been known for its medicinal values in Ayurveda for centuries.


It has sweet, Flowery and heavy fragrance, which is very similiar to the musk (derived from Animal sources) thus it has been widely used to create the Botanical substitute of the musk fragrance (which comes from Animal source) but has now been largely replaced by synthetic musks.

Our Musk Absolute or Attar is manufactured using ambrette seed as one of the constituent.

Historical Uses: The Chinese used it to treat headaches, and in Egypt it is used to sweeten the breath and as an emulsion in milk to treat itches. In Ayurveda, the seeds are used as spice, & in treating the cramps, indigestion, & stomach complaints. The seeds are used to give flavour to the coffee of the Arabs.



Aromatherapy Uses: The smell of ambrette seed oil is very heavy and may not smell pleasant to everyone. Because the oil has grounding properties, thus it is effective in stress related problems such as  fatigue, anxiety or depression, when used in aromatherapy. The relaxing & stimulating powers of this oil help in treating cramps & Muscular aches & pains &  stress related conditions, anxiety, depression and other nervous complaints,
Cautions: Non toxic, non irritant, non sensitizing. Keep away from young children, avoid during pregnancy.















*Kosher & Halal Certified

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