Apple Seed oil – (Pyrus malus)



Apple Seed oil –

INCI :Pyrus malus)

Source : Cold pressed from the seeds of Apple (Pyrus malus)

Coutry of origin : India


This Apple seed oil is extracted from the seed Kernels of an Indian apple, by the cold press and filteration process. It is most stable natural oil and it is found to be good source of oleic acid and linoleic acid.

Cold pressed oil are extracted without the use of any kind of solvents and is widely used in pharma and cosmetics manufacturers for its acidic values.

According to an old myth, the apple has long been known as  the “forbidden fruit” that caused the misfortune of Adam and Eve.

Apple seeds contain a rare and precious oil with true anti-ageing properties. it gives energy to the cells and reawakens even the most tired complexion.

Apple seeds oil is known for its rich & high levels of essential fatty acids, (between 85 to 88%) & amino acids compostion of lipids & protein components.

Our Apple seed oil from India, contains high levels of linoleic acid (60%) with the other dominant fatty acids being oleic (27.50), palmitic (7.40) and stearic acids,(2%).

The apple seeds contain phosphorus 720mg/100g, potassium 650mg/100g, magnesium 510mg/100g, calcium210/100g  and iron 110/100g, depending on the origins of the crop.

Apple seed oil could be potential source of edible oil.

The de-oiled powder can be potentially served as an animal & Plant feed supplement.

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30 ml, 100 ml, 1 kg, 50 ml, 500g

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