Dhamasa Herb Powder – Fagonia Schweifurthii Hadidi (Arabica) indica


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Dhamasa Powder – DHAMAASAA


INCI : Fagonia Arabica (indica) (Commonly known as Cretica) ( The Correct name (For Indian variety) :(Fagonia Schweifurthii Hadidi )





Parts used : Arial parts (Whole Plant above Roots)


Origin : India


Fagonia Arabica (Indica)


 (The Indian variety Fagonia Arabica Linn is Fagonia Schweifurthii Hadidi)    


Other Names


Sanskrit:Dhhamaasaa,Dhanvayasaa,Duraalabhaa,Samudraantaa,Gandhaari, Kachhuraa, Anantaa


Arabic name : Shokat-Ah-E-Albeefa


Hindi : ustarkhar


Marathi :Dhamaasaa


Oriya : dusparsa


Persian : badavard


Telugu : chitikara, cittigara


Urdu : badawarde, badawand, badaward


Sanskrit :dhanvayas, dhanvayasa, dhanvayavaasa, Dhanvayaasaka, duraalaabha, Samudraantaa, Gaandhaari, Kachhuraa, Anantaa, suralabha, ustrabhaksya, Duhsparshaa (Alhagi pseudalhagi is used as a substitute for Fagonia Cretica.)


Unani : Dhamaasaa Powder



Action : – Astringent, antiseptic, blood purifier and febrifuge. Applied to abscesses, scrofulous glands and wounds ; also given as a prophylactic against small-pox.

Bark used for dermatosis. Extract of aerial parts – Anti viral, antiamphetaminic, spasmogenic. Planyt Ash – given to children suffering from anaemia







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