Sandalwood Powder (Mysore) – 100% Pure & Natural Chandan



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Sandalwood Powder (Mysore) – 100% Pure & Natural


INCI : Santalum album

Other Names :  Chandan, Asli Chandan, Safed Chandan

* This is pure grounded powder from the heartwood of the Sandalwood (santalum album)  tree, grown wild in the southern parts of India (Tamil Nadu)

This is not de-oiled powder, but pure powder which contains the essential oils.

The oil is only present in the “HEARTWOOD” of the Sandalwood tree which has aged at least 25 to 30 years. The oil is only present in the heartwood & the roots of the tree.



  • Sandalwood powder is good for all kinds of skin.
  • This Powder can be used to make Face Packs or as a Bath Powder
  • Sorbet drink can be prepared using the Sandalwood Powder.
  • You can add it in small quantity to Herbalveda’s Mud to get maximum benefits.
  • On its own its very helpful for skin infections such as Acne, Psoriasis and even Eczema.
  • Used to clean teeth as a tooth Powder.
  • Used in Religious ceremonies.
  • Sandalwood powder can be burnt as a purifying incense to clear negativity
  • Sandalwood is also very good for keeping moths out of clothing.
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