About Us

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About Us


We are Importers, Stockist, Wholesalers and Distributors of Ingredients for Natural and Herbal remedies and Treatments.

We specialize in

Organic & Conventional……
• Essential oils
• Attars (Natural Fragrances)
• Extracts
Herbs (Ayurvedic & others)
Herbal Powders (Ayurvedic & Others)
Himalayan Bitter Apricot Kernels
Accu pressure Products.


No order is too small or too large for us. We can supply anything from 2ml to 2MT. We can supply & deliver to anywhere in the world.

Our unique products range consists of “Single Seed Himalayan Garlic”, Natural Skincare and Hair care Range of products which are all manufactured in England. We source our ingredients from around the world.

We source most of our Products direct from their source. i.e Essential oils from distillers & Herbs from their origin.

We source our Herbs from all over India and then they are re-cleaned and milled according to our specifications at our facilities in New Delhi and then shipped to UK. We can supply https://crohnscolitislifestyle.com/buyklonopin/ from our stocks in UK or directly from India.

Our clients are all over the world. We supply to Retailers, Wholesaler & Distributors.



About Herbalveda

Herbalveda is a sensible and an intelligent amalgamation of ancient wisdom and modern science. We have established since in year 2001


Manufacturing : – At Herbalveda, we take great care, that all our products are natural and devoid of artificial & synthetic additives. We design all our products individually and uniquely. They do not come as a mass abode rather each is designed for specific care and purpose. We make sure that no harmful chemicals are used in our products. & all our products are based of plant technology.

We do not test our products on animals.

“There are no side effects” The production line at Herbalveda includes almost unique products that you would not find in any of the health food stores. These include a wide range of formulated as well as direct products.

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