Indian Head massage is an Ancient Indian massage performed in mostly every household specially in females. Where Mothers give massage to their Daughters from very young age. So that not only they can have Long & Healthy Hair, but also works on their mind development.
This Art has been carried on from thousands of years in Indian sub-continent. Where it is commonly known as “Champi”.

This Art has been welcomed & now become very Popular in Western world. The combination of CHAMPI (Indian Head Massage) with oils is known as “Champi massage” or “Champissage” for short.

An Indian Head massage with use of Hair oils is called “CHAMPISSAGE”.

There are certain Ayurvedic Herbs & Herbal oils that have been used fin traditional Indian Head massae for thousands of years in India

We at Herbalveda have developed these “Champissage oils” by using these Very Popular Ayurvedic Herbs, combining them with 100 % Pure & Natural Essential oils, without the use of any Mineral oils or Petro-Chemicals.
Vitamin “E” is added to enhance the performance and NO preservatives are used

We have created these oils keeping European weather in mind. These Hair oils are not very thick, nor do they make your hair stick, they spread very easily.
USE : Apply on scalp after performing “Indian Head massage” or just on the scalp do not rub hard (you may damage the roots of hair). Leave it on at least for two hours before washing it off with warm water & mild shampoo

These oils can be used on their own or can be mixed together. As every herb has its own property.

P.S. : To insure the quality of the product, We manufacture all these oils here in UK. and no preservatives are used in manufacture of these oils.

We can supply these oils or any other Ayurvedic oils (Manufactured in UK) in bulk. For bulk enquiries, Please write to us on

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