Floral waxes are by – product of floral absolute manufacturing process. They are produced from the flowers by the process of solvent extraction.
Floral waxes production : Food grade Hexane is used in the process of manufacturing the Floral concretes, these concretes are used in skincare or perfume industry, and from these concretes the floral waxes are seperated by using Ethanol. They solvent residual is less than 0.2%.
They are 100% Pure & Natural form of the floral waxes of botanical source. Nothing is added or removed to stabalise these waxes,

Many times I have been asked to why these waxes are so expensive.
1, The Floral waxes cannot be artificially produced or even produced otherwise.
2, Only Limited quantity of Floral waxes are produced in a year, depending upon the production of the absolutes,
3, These Floral waxes are Non-allergic, 100% Pure & Natural, Fragrant, Vegan & Vegetarian.

The Quantity of the flowers used in manufacturing of
One Kilo of these each Floral Wax.

Jasmine Grandiflorum- 950 – 1150 Kgs Fresh Flowers
Jasmine Sambac- 2000 Kgs Fresh Flowers
Tuberose- 2200 Kgs Fresh Flowers
Rose Damascena- 2000 Kgs Fresh Flowers
Mimosa- 1500 kgs Fresh Flowers.
Jasmine Auriculatum 900 Kgs Fresh Flowers
Lotus – 2500 Kgs Fresh Flowers
Rosa Bourbonia (Edwardian Rose) – 2000 Kgs Fresh Flowers

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