Rooh or Ruh Shamama “A” Grade – in 100% Pure Mysore Sandalwood oil

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Rooh Shamama – “A” Grade (Distilled at least 10 times over for the strength)

INCI :  Various herbs

Origin : India

Source : Steam distilled from mixture of various herbs,directly into Pure & Natural Sandalwood (Mysore) Essential oil

 Ingredients :  It includes Saffron, Amber Resin, Musk seeds, Sugandhamanthi, Sugandha kokila, Mustaka & many others, Pure & Natural Sandalwood (Mysore)Essential oil


To Produce Rooh (Soul in Hindi), The herbs are distilled for at least 10 times. It means the strength of the Steam distilled oil is 10 times compared to the normal  Essential oil or Regular Attar, which is produced with 2 to 3 distillations.

Sandalwood oil, not only acts as a fixative but also enhances the Natural smell of the Herbs. The shelf life of the Essential oils is extended and it matures with the age.

We do not use any fixed or Vegetable oils or any Synthetic compounds in these Natural Attars.

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