Rose Bourbon Absolute Oil – Rosa Edouard – Rose Edward

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Absolute is soluble in Oil & in Alcohol

Rose Bourbon Absolute Oil

INCI : Rosa Edouard

Origin : India

Source : Solvent Extracted from the Fully Bloomed Flowers

Rose Bourbon, also known as Rose Edouard, is believed to have been brought to India by Britishers in early 19th Century. In Around 1820 the stems were first planted in India and it has been a very Popular variety of Rose in India after the Damasks variety. The famous India Herbal Sweet known as “Gulkand” is made from this variety of Flowers.

As the story goes. It was was names after King Edward of England during British Rule in India.

This flower has very sweet top notes.

It can be used in formulation of Skin care, Products, formulation of Attars, Massage blend for face & Body etc.,

Very small quantity of this absolute is sufficient.



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