Journey Through Chakras – Chakra Book

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Must Have Wonderful & very easy to Understand about the Chakras & Chakra Healing

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Journey Through Chakras by Dr. Ravi & Dr. Minoo Ratan

It is an illustrated guide to Chakras, their symbology, attributes and relevance there of. It also explains anatomical and physiological aspects of chakras and the role they play for our health and healthfulness.

The book also deals briefly, on various tools for chakra healing and balancing, ideal for seekers and healers both. (Introduction) “Chakra” in Sanskrit means a wheel that spins, in Tantric context the term is used to describe the energy centers in our body. Through in ancient texts like vedas and Upanishads there is only a little written reference to the term kundalini and Chakras, as most of the knowledge, had been passed on, through Guru-shisya (disciple) lineage.

In recent times the interest in Tantra had increased substantially, more so in Kundalini and Chakras. So we have proliferation of literature and Institutions providing knowledge and guidelines on Kundalini awakening and Chakra opening processes.


Through this book we have tried to offer a balanced perspective of Chakras from ancient Indian spiritual and Tantric, as well as metaphysical aspects of the subject. First of all, there are people who question the very existence of Kundalini and Chakras, while some give more importance to Kundalini and may agree with the existence of Chakras, but of little importance.


However, from a healer`s perspective they are more important for maintaining optimum health at any give time. Healers and alternative practitioners all over the world are using various ways to heal and balance the Chakras, in different practices they talk of different numbers and location of the Chakras. They may all be correct, from their understanding since it is all experiential and very subjective. We are all energy bodies and Chakras are considered to be the transfer points of energy. To sustain the physical body we require energy, which is received through five elements – earth (food), water, fire, air and ether, energy when consumed in one form released in another form specially from major organs in bigger clusters, viewed as Chakras.


Therefore, ancient Indian texts describe seven major Chakras located in the region of the head and the torso, representing activities of our major Chakras located in the region of the head and the torso, representing activities of our major organs and glands. Evolution is a universal process, all life is evolving and man is no exception. The human being is evolving not only as an individual only but also as a race.


Mooladhar is our basic and most fundamental chakra, from where our evolution begins and culminates at Sahasrara, the Crown chakra. Mooladhar or base root Chakra is located at the pelvic floor and corresponds to coccygeal plexus. In males it is located between anus and genitals while in females it is located at the posterior surface of the cervix. As the name suggests this chakra is the foundation of the physical body in realm of existence. During the process of spiritual evolution in man he goes beyond animal consciousness on to be a real human. There are certain minor Chakras from Mooladhar down to the heels, responsible for the development of animal and human instincts and intellect. This Chakra is responsible for survival and maintenance of the physical body as source of physical energy and regulates all excretory functions. Located at the lowest point of spinal column, corresponding to our sacral plexus of nerves in the public region is Swadhisthan or Sacral chakra, represents our desire center and seat of emotions. This Chakra is responsible for procreation and exchange of sexual energy and controls the unconscious in human beings. Manipura Chakra, in the naval region corresponds to Solar plexus; it controls the entire process of digestion, assimilation and temperature regulation in the body. This Chakra is also considered as the seat of EGO in human beings, as this Chakra is also responsible for the mental power and authority in all forms.


The first three Chakras take care of the basic needs of all human beings, as described by renowned psychologist Abraham Maslow, in his hierarchy of needs. Only after fulfillment of basic needs man thinks of self actualization. Same way, in spiritual and tantric practices it is said that till the time we are stuck in mundane or struggling with the basic needs only, Kundalini keeps going up to third (Manipura) Chakra and returns to the Mooladhar Chakra, only when it crosses the astral bridge between Manipura and Anahat (Heart) Chakra its movement is only upwards.


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