Apamarg or Chirchita Flowers (Prickly Cheff) – Achyranthes aspera

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Apamarg or Chirchita Flower Tips


Latin – Achyranthes aspera


Other Names : Prickly Cheff


Parts Used : Flowering Tips


Other Names Chirchita (Prickly Cheff), Chirchita, Latjeera, Onga, Apang,Kadaladi/Adhahsalya, Sikhari, Mayhuraka,Karal heba, Jarong, herbe à Bengalis, herbe sergen, and queue de rat,cadillo chichoborugo, cadillo de mazorca, and mazotillo, grootklits, angklitskafblom.

Origin : India
Parts : Dried flowers


50 g, 250g, 1 kg


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