Shilapushpi / Lichen / Stone Flower – Parmelia Perlata

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ShilaPushpi or Stone Flower (Lichen)

Botanical name : Parmelia perlata (Huds.) Ach.
Family : Parmeliaceae

Other Names :

English  : Stone flower, Litho lichen
Hindi  :
Chadeela, Pathar ka phool
Sanskrit : Saileyam, Silapushpa, ShilapushpMalayalam : Cheleyam, Kalpoov

Rasa (Taste)   :
Tikta (Astringent)

Guna (Quality)  : Laghu (Heavy)

Virya (Potency)  : Seeta (Cooling)

Vipaka (Post Digestive effect) : Katu (Bitter)

Effect on Doshas :  Pacifies vitiated Kapha & Pitta
Country of Origin  – Throughout India, in rocky areas, old tree trunks. 

Parts Used : Whole Lichen

Smell : Somewhat similar to the Spirulina

A lichen growing on the substratum in irregular fashion. It is composed of a symbiotic colony of fungi and alga. Reproduction by spores, dispersed by wind.    

Medicinal Uses: Pacifies vitiated Kapha, Pitta, wounds, infections, inflammation, skin diseases, diarrhoea, dysentery, cough, fever and renal calculi.

Disclaimer : We do not recommend intake of any Herbal Product without Proper Medical guidance.


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