Heeng Powder – Asafoetida Powder – Ferula Foetida – Hing – Ready to use

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Heeng Powder – Ready to use Compound with Real Asafoetida

Latin : Ferula Foetida

Asafoetida Powder Ready to use


Ingredients : Rice Flour, Arabic gum (Acacia gum) Asafoetida (10%), Turmeric Powder, Fenugreek Powder

Other Names : Badian, Hing, Heeng, devil’s dung, Stinking gum, javoneh-i badian, hing, hengu, inguva, kayam, ting, foetidus, fetid, hiṅ , ingu, Kayam, merde du Diable, Devil’s shit, Teufelsdreck, dyvelsträck, duivelsdrek, duiwelsdrek, pirunpaska, pirunpihka, Şeytan tersi, Şeytan boku,  Şeytan otu, czarcé łajno.


We blend this powder here in UK to be sure of its contents, This powder is very Potent and only very little is required in cooking as compared to the other brands available. Gum Arabica acts as a fixative and holds the smell for longer.

The Smell in Garlic & Heeng is from its Sulfur compounds.

Even though the smell of the Heeng is not pleasant on its own, but when in cooking it mixes with the fatty acids of either the Ghee (Clarified butter) or the cooking oil, it imparts very mild & pleasant smell

This is Powder is widely used in Indian and South Asian cooking. Mostly in Vegetarian cooking. As Lentils & Peas can cause Flatulence. The Heeng helps in removing the flatulence.

The sulphur not only helps in digestion of the food, but also helps in removing the skin infections.

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