Atibala or Indian Mallow Powder – Abutilon indicum

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Atibala or Indian Mallow Powder –

Latin    : Abutilon indicum

Family : Malvaceae



Origin  : India (Throughout the hotter parts of India. Found as a weed in the sub-Himalayan tract and other hills upto 1200m).


Parts   : Whole Plant (Aerial parts)


Other Names :


English : Country Mallow, Flowering Maples, Chinese Bell Flowers, Indian Mallow.(Indian Velvet Plant), Moon Flower


Ayurvedic : Atibala, Kankatikaa, Rishyaproktaa.


Unani : Kanghi, Musht-ul-Ghaul, Darkht-e-shaan


Siddha/Tamil : Thutti


Folk : Kanghi, Kakahi, Kakahiyaa


Chinese Name:











Disclaimer : We do not recommend intake of any Herbal Product without Proper Medical guidance.

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