Lajwanti Seeds Cut (Touch-me-not plant) – Mimosa pudica Seed Cut

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Lajwanti Seeds Cut (Touch-me-not plant)

Latin – Mimosa pudica Seed Powder

We are not able to make Very Fine powder of Lajwanti seeds – as it contains oils & thus it comes in cut form


Other Names: Lajak, Lajjavati, Han xiu cao, Sensitive Plant, Humble Plant, Touch Me Not, Shyness Grass, Sensitive commune, Herbe pudique ou Vive mimuese, Mimose, Schamhafte Sinnpflanze, Risamani, Lajavanti, Lajamani, Chui Mui, Choti Mui, Lajwanti, Lajvanti, Lajja, Lajak, Lajjaru, Lajaru, Muttidasenui, Machikegide, Lajjavati, Mimosa pudica Linn, Lajalu, Lajan, Lajjalu, Samanga, Namaskari, Chhuimui, Chhui Mui Plant Seeds

Origin : India

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