Pippali Large Powder- Piper Longum (Large) Powder

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Pippali (Large) Powder

INCI : Piper Longum (Large)

Other Names : Bi Ba, Bi Bo, Belanese pepper, Bengal Pepper, Gajapippali, Jaborandi Pepper, Kana, Langer Pfeffer, Lindipipper, Long Pepper, Magadhi, Magdhi, Pimienta Larga, Pimenta-Longa, Piper longum, Pippal, Pippali, Pippli, Poivre Long, Poivre Long d’Inde, Poivrier Long, Poivrier Long d’Inde, Poivre Long Indien, Ushana. Pipper chaba, Arisi thippili

There are two varities of Pippali – Large & small

Both have the same Latin name – Piper Longum


Even though both look same and share same Latin & Common names – Yet they are completely two different species & serve different purpose in Ayurveda  Herbalist in India know this fact.


The large variety is used in respiratory problems & where as the small variety is used to treat Immunity.

They both have very distinctive smell.


Ayurvedic Classification

Rasa (Taste) –  Katu (Pungent)

Guna (Characteristics) – Laghu(Light), Snigdha (Unctuous), Tikshna(Sharp)

Veerya (Potency) – Anushnasheeta (Neither warm nor cold)

Vipaka (Post digestion effect) – Madhur (Sweet)




Doshas : Pippali pecifies Kapha & Vata Doshas

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