Rasna Leaf Powder – Pluchea Lanceolata

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Rasna Leaf Powder

Latin : – Pluchea Lanceolata


Ayurvedic Classification:


Rasa (Taste)- Tikta (Bitter)


Guna (Characteristics)- Guru (Heavy)


Veerya (Potency)- Ushna (Warm)


Vipaka (Post digestion effect)- Katu (Pungent)


Prabhava (Special action for which there is no explanation how it happens)- Vishaghna (Very good anti toxic herb)



Effect on Tridoshas (Three bio humors):


Rasna pacifies Vata and Kapha i.e. it is useful in management of diseases resulting from aggravated Vata/ Kapha or both. It is said to be the best Vatapacifier herb.









Disclaimer : We do not recommend intake of any Herbal Product without Proper Medical guidance.

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