Kamarkas Gum / Gond – Cuniya gond – Butea monosperma gum

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Kamarkas Gum –

Latin / Botanical name : Butea monosperma gum

Other Names : Flame of the forest, Butea gum, Bengal kino, Chuniya gond, Paalasha, Kimshuka, Raktapushpaka, Kshaarshreshtha, Brahmavriksha, Samidvar, Dhaak, Samagh, Kamarkas, Palasam, Purasus, Tesu gond

Parts Used: Flowers, Bark, Leaf, seeds, and gum

Parts Used : Gum/ Resin of the Tree

Chemical constituents : Contains Kino Tannin & Gallic Acids.

Kamarkas looks like Redish black brittle glistening peices. Smells like light resinous odour and sticks to the gum, when chewed and makes the saliva bright Red.

It is almost entirely soluble in alcohol and entirely in ether and partly in water.

Ayurvedic classification :

Guna (Quality)

Rasa (Taste)

Veerya (Potency)

Vipaka (Metabolism)

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