Halon – Halim Seeds – Aserio – Garden Cress – Chandrashoor

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Please note : Almost all of our Products sourced & processed in our own facilities in India & imported by Air so we can provide Fresh products to our clients

Disclaimer :  We do not recommend intake of any herb without proper medical guidance.

Allergen Information : All our Products are packed at our facilities in London UK to maintain freshness and Quality, where Nuts, Seeds, Cereals or other Gluten products are also packed & Handled


Halon Seeds, Garden Cress, Aserio

Aserio or Garden cress

Other Names – Haloon, Halun Seeds, Aserio, Halam Seeds, Garden Cress, Haleem, Halim, Aliv Seeds, Halim Seeds, Chandrika, Raktabija,  Halim, Halim-shak, Chand Shura, Halim Common Cress, Cress, Watercress, Aseriya, Aseliyo, Chansur, Halim, Aselio Kannada: Allibija, Kapila, Alian, Asali, Ahaliva, Haliv, Chandasara, Chandasura,  Holan, Taratej, Allivirai, Ativerai, Adityalu, Aadalu, Adiyalu, Addi, Halim, ressan alenois, Passerage cutivee, Gartenkresse, Agretto, cressione, Kress-Salat, Lepido, Mastuerzo

Rich source of Iron and  Folic acid

Origin : India

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