Red Ratti Seeds – Gunja Red – Abrus Precatorius Seeds

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Red Ratti Seeds – Gunja Red

Latin – Abrus Precatorius Seeds

Other Names : Goonja, Raktika, Coral Bead Vine, Rosary Pea, Surkh Chasamkhros, Kunch, Kuchi, Ghungchi, Laldee, Laaldi, Gunch, Jequirity, Crabs eye, Precatory Bean, Buddist Rosary beads,  Kakananti, Mulati, Chunoti

Ratti Seeds are native to India. They grow all over India in Planes & also in Himalayas. Ratti Seeds are most probably the seeds that have one standard size & weigh. In Ancient India the Jewellers used to weigh Gold & stones with Ratti Seeds . The weigh of these seeds was considered one set weight of 125 mg, but later on it was counted as 105mg.

The Name Abrus Precatorius comes from Greece. In Greek Language Abrus means Graceful & Precatorius means Prayer of Petitions.

Ratti Seeds are used in Vaastu ( Indian Feng Shui )  & is believed to have some Magical properties.  According to Ayurveda Ratti seeds are poisonous & thus should be purified before taking them internally.

They are considered to alleviate Vata & Kapha Doshas

Dosage :

Ratti seed powder : One seed & no more than 2 seeds (125 – 250mg) of the Powder

Ratti Seed powder :  500 to 200mg a day.



Cautions : Do not use during Pregnancy. Keep away from young Children

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