Brahmi Leaves -Jal Brahmi – Bacopa monnieri

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Brahmi Leaves

Latin :  – Bacopa monnieri

Other Names : JalBrahmi, Aquatic Brahmi, Babies Tears, Herpestis, Water hyssop, Coastal Waterhyssop, Nirpirami, Lunuwila, Ae Ae , Rau Dang

Family : Scrophilariaceae family.

Known to help in poor memory, anxiety disorder & intellect.

Chemical  compounds : Constitutes compounds like alkaloids, saponins and sterols which give the plant its medicinal properties.herpestine and brahmine, hersaponin and saponins d-mannitol, monnierin and acid A & sterols such asbetulic acid, beta sitosterol and bacosides A and B which are reponsilble for its cognitive effects.

Stimulates growth of Hair, Skin & Nails. Taste is bitter and is widely used in India in soups & Pickles.









Precautions : In Excess it may cause skin itching.

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