Gudmar or Gurmar Leaves – (Gymnema Sylvestris)

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Name : Gudmar or Gurmar

INCI : Gymnema Sylvestris

Other Names : Shardunika


Country of Origin : India


Ayurvedic Classification :

Rasa (Taste) : Bitter, Asringent

Veerya (Potency) : Ushna (Warming)

Vipaka (Post-digestive effect) – Pungent

Doshas : Balances Pitta & Kapha *may increase Vata


The word Gudmar itself means destroyer of sugar in Hindi Language. As the meaning of Gud is Jaggery or sugar and mar means to kill or destroy. It is known to destroy the sugar cravings. It is a common herb of Monsoon forests.


In Ayurveda this herb is mentioned as bitter, acrid, cooling, herb.

The leaves of the plant, when chewed possess the remarkable property of paralysing the sense of taste for sweet and bitter substance for few hours. (Source: Dr. Oudhia on

We do not recommend intake of any herb  without the guidance of Medical Practitioner or Herbalist

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