Himalayan Peony – Ood Saleeb – Paeonia Emodi or officinalis

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Himalayan Peony – Ood Saleeb

Latin – Paeonia Emodi Ood Saleeb or officinalis

Part : Roots

Origin : India

Other Names : Peony, Himalayan Peony, ‘Ood al-saleeb, Fawaaniyaa, Oode Salam, Bai shao yao, Mu dan pi, Paeony, Peony, White Peony, Pivoine officinale, Gemeine Pfingstrose, Benediktinerrose, Echte Pfingstrose, Pumpelrose, Ud Salap, Paeonia officinalis Linn., Mamokh, Mamekh,  Ud Saeleeb, Ood Saleeb

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