Kasturi Manjal Dry Root / Amba Haldi / Wild Turmeric – Curcuma Aromatica

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Kasturi Manjal Dry Root – Amba Haldi Root

Latin  – Curcuma Aromatica


Country of Origin : India

Other Names : Kasturi manjal, Kasturi Puspu, Junglee Haldi or Wild Turmeric, Amba Haldi

Curcuma aromatica is called yujin by the Chinese, after its affect on stagnation (yu means stagnation; jin refers to the golden colour and to its ability to treat the lungs, the organ system associated with the metal element, for which gold is a symbol).

It contains aromatic volatile oils that help to remove excessive lipids from the blood, reduce aggregation of platelets (sticking of the blood cells to form masses), and reduce inflammation.

Curcuma is widely used in breakdown of cell accumulations such as tumours. The oily contents enhance fibronolysis(the system that breaks down fibrous proteins) and promote secretion of bile. which helps to clear congestion of liver, promote digestion of fats.

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