Marathi Moggu, Kapok Buds or Shalmali – Bombax ceiba

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Marathi Moggu, Red Silk Cotton Tree Pods

Latin – Bombax ceiba Pods

Kapok Buds or Shalmali

Parts Used : Buds or Pods

Origin : India

Uses : Marathi Moggu or Red Silk Cotton Tree Pods are Widely used in South Indian especially Chettinad Style spice.

The unopened buds or pods of the Red Silk Tree are brown in colour when dried and pointed. Sometimes they are confused with Capers (Capparis Spinosa), as they look similar in pictures. But these are definitely not Capers.


Marathi Moggu has a fragrant taste and is used in specialist South Indian (especially in North Karnataka) cuisine such as “Chettinad Chicken” “Bissi Belle Bath” & “Vaangi Bath” etc

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