Neem Leaves (dried)- Azadirachta indica

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Product : Neem Leaves (Dried)

INCI : Azadirachta indica

Origin : India

Source : Leaves are hand-picked from the tree, washed 3 – 4 times, dried in shade, contains no stems or brown dried leaves. A very good Edible quality of Leaves, from Himalayan range of India.


Neem for internal use :


Neem Leaves are soaked  in water for 16 – 24 hrs,  (alternatively boiled in water until water remains one fourth, the filtered water is best blood cleanser. Whenever I personally feel any toxicated,  or feel Fatigue. I drink this water for two to three weeks continuously every day first thing in the morning. and it clears most of the symptoms.

I usually add, either Tulsi Leaves  or Wheatgrass Powder along Neem Leaves, These make it Milder in taste (as Neem is very Bitter) and it  also make stronger decoction & effect is twice as much.
Neem  works internally as Natural Anti-bacterial, anti biotic, anti fungal, for Fever, Viral,  for food poisoning,  Gingivitis (bleeding gums), Toothaches, Cavities, High Blood Pressure, Blood clots, Cholesterol, Arrhythmia(rapid heartbeat), Poor circulation, blood poisoning, Kidney problems, Heartburn, Gastritis, Insomnia, Lice, Scabies, Intestinal worms, such as Pinworm, Dog roundworm, Whip worm, Malaria, diabetes, inflammation, Fatigue,  also boosts immunity, thus for Allergies, Bad breath, Conjunctivitis, Hangovers etc.,


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