Osha Root – Ligusticum porteri

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Osha Root –

Latin : Ligusticum porteri

Scientific Name: Ligusticum porteri,

Family  : Umbelliferae family


Common Names: Osha root, loveroot, lovage, Porter’s lovage, Porter’s ligusticum, osha, chuchupate, chuchupatle, wild parsley, colorado cough root, mountain ginseng, mountain carrot, nipo, indian root, nipo, indian root, wild lovage, empress of the dark forest, bear medicine. loveroot, Colorado cough root.


Part used: root


Active Compounds: Volatile oils, essential oil, terpenes, lactone glycoside, saponins, ferulic acid, phytosterols.



Disclaimer : Please consult either Physician or a Herbalist before consuming any herb internally

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