Pippali Large Gajapippali – Piper Longum (Large) – Piper Chaba

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Pippali (Large) Gajapippali – Chavak,

Latin : Piper Longum (Large) Piper chaba
Other Names : Bi Ba, Bi Bo, Belanese pepper, Bengal Pepper, Gajapippali, Jaborandi Pepper, Kana, Langer Pfeffer, Lindipipper, Long Pepper, Magadhi, Magdhi, Pimienta Larga, Pimenta-Longa, Piper longum, Pippal, Pippali, Pippli, Poivre Long, Poivre Long d’Inde, Poivrier Long, Poivrier Long d’Inde, Poivre Long Indien, Ushana. Pipper chaba, Tippali, Tippali, Chabika, Chabya,  Chab, Chabya, Kankala, Chabchini, Chavala, Chai, Chavyam, Cavikai, Caviyam, Kantirai, Milaku ver, Chavyam, Chaikama, Sevasu,

There are two varieties of Pippali – Large & small

Both have the same Latin name – Piper Longum


Even though both look same and share same Latin & Common names – Yet they are completely two different species & serve different purpose in Ayurveda.

Herbalist in India know this fact.

The large variety is used in respiratory problems & where as the small variety is used to treat Immunity.

They both have very distinctive smell.


We at Herbalveda sell both the varieties.


Please see what you require before you buy.


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