Pit Papda Leaves Pitpapra – Fumaria indica – Shahtara

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Pit Papda Leaves / Pitpapra Pit Papra, Pitpapara

Latin – Fumaria indica. var officinalis.Linn

Part Used : Leaves

Other Names : Khet Papda, Indian Fumitory, Shahtara, Shahtaraj, Shaatiraj, Vanshulfa, Shotara, Pitpapra, Tzu hua ti ting, Common Fumitory, Earth-smoke, Fumée de terre, Ackerraute, Echter Erdrauch, Pittapapada, Pitpapado, Pitpapra, Papara,  Kallu Sabasige, Parpatu, Chaturasigide, Shahtar, Parpat, Parpatakam, Shahtara, Shahtarak, Shampu Phool, Shampu Flowers, Shampu


Ayurvedic Classification :
Rasa Taste -Tikta

Chemical Constituents : Organic Acids such as Fumaric & Caffeic Acids, Alkaloids as Methyl fumerate, protopine, fumoficinaline, phospholipids

Steroids (including sitosterol, stigmasterol, and campesterol) and many isoquinoline alkaloids have been described from all plant parts, including the root and seed.


Dosage : 3 to 6 gms of the powder on its own or with Honey. 5 gm Leaves in 250 ml of water

Instructions :  Leaves can be boiled – 1 Teaspoon in a cup of water boil it to half. Honey can be added & taken twice a day. Powder can be

Contraindications : Not Known

Warning : Avoid during Pregnancy

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