Tulsi Water Pure – Holy Basil Hydrosol / Hydrolat – Ocimum Sanctum

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Hydrosols / Hydrolats are by-product or remains of the Raw Material, while producing Essential oil by Steam / Hydro distillation process


Tulsi Water – Holy Basil Hydrolat / Holy Basil Hydrosol

Latin – Ocimum Sanctum

Origin : India

Herbasense Tulsi Water  or Pure Tulsi Hydrosol or Hydrolat is 100% natural and of very pure and of premium grade. 

It smells like a deeper, earthier version of  Tulsi Leaf Essential Oil. As they are already weaker version of the Essential oil, thus can be used directly on skin can be taken internally.

Herbasense Hydrosol / Hydrolats are very Mild & Gentle that can be taken internally in Water, Juice or Yoghurt drinks. They are widely used in Baby Products or can be sprayed directly on Facial skin.

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