Herbasense Onion Seed oil – Allium cepa – Virgin Cold Pressed

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Herbasense Onion Seed oil  – Virgin Cold Pressed

Latin – Allium cepa

Origin : Germany

Source : Cold Pressed from the Seeds of Red Onions

Ingredients : Cold Pressed  Onion seeds (Allium cepa) Oil (from NON-GMO crop)

Herbasense Seed oils  are Virgin Cold pressed, 100% Pure, Natural and of Therapeutic grade. We purchase all our oils directly from Extractors. All oils are tested for purity. They should be used with great care

Herbasense Onion seeds is Cold Pressed from the seeds of Onion. Not to be confused with Nigella seeds (Kalonji – just because they look similar. This oil doesn’t water your eyes or smells like Onion.

Onion Oil is considered as “Repair oil” especially for Skin & Hair. It is rich in Sulphur & Vic C (Folic acid). Blends well on Hair strengthening hair roots and nourishes scalp.

Onion oil can be added to Sesame, Coconut, Moringa or other oils and applied on hair or on face.

*Due to it’s Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Oxidant properties it is very beneficial for Dandruff, dryness of scalp and frizzy hair. Onion Oil  maintains natural PH Value





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