Cade Essential Oil (Rectified ) – Juniperus Oxycedrus

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Cade Essential Oil (Rectified)  100% Pure & Natural

INCI – Juniperus Oxycedrus

Origin : India

Parts used : Stems, Twigs & Heartwood

Process : Steam or Aqua Distillation

Colour : Dark Brown

Odour : Woody and Smoky odour

Other Names : Juniper Tar, Prickly Juniper


Warning : Cade oil is known to contain Carcinogenic polyaromatic hydrocarbons, which are reduced to 1 ppb, by the Rectification process. This plant contains principles that may be responsible for the development of cancerous tumours. Treatments over four weeks should be monitored by your doctor.

Prohibited by IFRA for Fragrance use – Last amended Apr 2004

But the Rectified oil is permitted by IFRA


Adulteration : Many times Cade oil is adulterated with birch, pine, tar, petrol and Spirit etc., Users should be careful about its source. Cade Oil should be used carefully & in minimum quantities to avoid damage to the skin. It is better if you can consult a registered aroma therapy practitioner. Treatments with cade essential oil should not continue for long to prevent damage by accumulation.

Uses : Cade oil is also considered as a Spiritual oil. In India it has been widely used in manufacturing of incense. Especially used during Prayers, Meditation and Pranayama. Use few drops in diffuser, Room Freshener, Vaporisers or aromatic Candles during Prayers and Meditation. It is also used in alleviating Negative Energies, Re-aligning Chakra energies and balancing emotional elements of the system. Regular Meditation, Physical Exercises, Prayers, Pranayama assisted with Cade oil an aid in spiritual gain. and elevate your bonding with the divine. Sandalwood Oil also has similar properties

Cade essential oil has also been used in veterinary practice, externally on horses and other animals, to treat ulcers, scabies, worms and parasites. In falconry, Cade essential oil can be used to strengthen nails and beaks of birds and horse’s hooves after shoeing them.

Cade essential oil have also been in use since the ancient times in the treatment of pain, joint aches, leprosy, toothaches, snake bites, lice, dandruff, cancer, peptic ulcer, pneumonia, high blood pressure, skin irritation, bronchitis, diarrhoea, itching and many other infections.

Cade Oil has very strong Anti- fungal properties. It fights against the growth of fungus and checks various fungal infections like ringworm, athlete’s foot, dandruff etc. This property is attributed to its presence of chemical constituents tested by GC-MS and its 42 compounds that represent 96.73% of total oil,

Major Chemical constituents : α-pinene (39.63%), manoyl oxide (12.34), Z-caryophyllene (4.1%) and extensively high amounts of monoterpenes hydrocarbons and sesquiterpenes. The existence of these strong properties makes the oil prove best in its antifungal activities.

Cade oil can be mixed with Lavender (4 drops -cade + 2 drops Lavender) and added to Bath can fight against, Bacteria, Fungi, Virus and other microbial infections. You can add 4drops of Cade oil to 2 drops of Coconut oil and apply directly on the fungal infection.

Add 2-3 drops of Cade oil to 1-2 drops Cashew nut oil and apply directly to the Worts on regular basis.




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