Geranium Essential oil – Pelargonium graveolens

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Geranium Essential oil (Also known as Rose Geranium)

INCI : Pelargonium odorantissimum

Notes :  Middle

Origin : India

Parts used :  Flowering,  Leaves

Process : Steam distillation

Planet :  Venus

How to use : “Bath” “Massage” “Gargles“  “Compress”

Qualities & Uses :  Anti depressant, known as women’s oil, due to its PMT benefits, antiseptic, antifungal, helps urinary infections, & respiratory  and dermal problems. Excellent Aphrodisiac

Blends with : Angelica,  Basil, Bergamot, Carrot seed, Cedarwood, Citronella, Clary sage, Lavender, Lime, Neroli, Orange, Sandalwood.

Cautions : none as such, may be irritant , if used in large quantities.

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10 ml, 30 ml, 100 ml, 250 ml, 50 ml


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