Jamrosa Essential oil – Cymbopogon jamarosa

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Warning : May cause skin irritation to some if used directly.


Jamrosa Essential oil – Jamarosa

INCI : Cymbopogon jamarosa var Cymbopogon nardis

Synonyms : Cymbopogon khasans.

Other Names : Jwar, Ankush, (Fever Breaker), Cymbopogon nardus var confertiflorus x Cymbopogon jwarancusa.

Origin : India

Steam Distilled from the Roots – This oil is basically a Hybrid between two very fragrant oils of Palmarosa & Citronella

Blends with Orange Sweet Essential Oil, Citrus oils, Patchouli, Rose Geranium,  Ginger grass, Juniper, Vetiver & More

Aroma : Fresh, Fruity, Floral, Green, Soft & Warm – Has a very Sweet aroma of Rose with Grass

Notes : Middle

Therapeutic Properties : Anti-anxietyAnti-bacterialAnti-depressantAnti-infectiousCalmingCNS sedativeCoolingDigestive stimulantDigestive tonicFebrifugeInsect repellentSedative

Chemical Constituents : Mainly contains ± 75% geraniol and  ± 20% geranyl acetate

Uses : Mostly used in Soap manufacturing, Mosquito repellent. Also widely used in Perfumery (as an substitute to Rose)

Spiritual Connection : Relieves Stress, Heals Emotions from Heart

Chakra :

1st Chakra  – Base Root Chakra – Survival and Support

4th Chakra  : Heart Chakra  – Unconditional Love, Balancing, Grounding, Purifying & Uplifting Properties



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