Shahi Jeera – Black Cumin Seeds – Imperial Cumin Seeds – Bunium Persicum Seeds

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Shahi Jeera or Kala Jeera

Black Cumin Seeds

Latin : Bunium Persicum

Syn. Carum bulbocastanum, Elwendia persica,

Origin : India


Other Names:  Kari geeri, Kali ziri, Zira dashti, Sahadevi, Daudotpala, Sahdevi, Sadodi, Shiah Jeera – Indian Caraway Seeds, Kala Zeera

Bunium Persicum or Shahi (Royal) Jeera or Siah (Black in Urdu) Jeera looks very similar to the Regular cumin seeds but is Longer, Thinner and Darker in colour. Because of it’s name, It is often confused with other spices such as Nigella Sativa or Kali Jeeri or even Caraway Seeds(Carum carvi) (These Both have completely different flavour)

Shahi Jeera (Bunium Persicum) & Cumin seeds both belong to the same family as Parsley. 

Shahi Jeera is native to Central & Northern Asia. In India it grows naturally in Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and Utranchal in severe cold conditions

It has milder flavour than cumin with Rich Sweet, Nutty & Floral tone. Thus is used for adding flavour to Rice & Meat

These seeds can be and are substituted for cumin seeds in many Indian dishes



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