Herbasense Natural Vitamin E 70% – d-Alpha-tocopherols (Food Grade from Non GMO Sunflower Seeds)

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Herbasense Natural Vitamin E – d-Alpha-tocopherols (from Non GMO Sunflower Seeds)

Source :  100% Pure & Natural Vitamin from the Sunflower seed oil (the Best Quality available in the Market)

Origin : Manufactured in India

*d-Alpha tocopherols shows 100% Biological activity.

*It shows Anti-Oxidant properties

*Increases shelf life of the Products

Completely safe & no threat of Allergic reaction

By Using Herbasense Natural Vitamin it can be mentioned on the products. – Can be used in Food Products.

We at Herbalveda import 70% and 90%. These both are of Food Grade. But  70% Vitamin E is more commonly used in Skincare and 90% is used Food Products.


What is Oxidation ?

Oxidation is a continuous deteriorating process which takes place in presence of Oxygen. It results in loss of original quality of any substance and is the main reason behind food spoilage, rancidity and cell damage


Vitamin E is not a single molecule. It compromises Four molecules i.e. Alpha, Beta, Gama and Delta collectively they are known as Vitamin E. It is most important fat soluble natural anti-oxidant
which provides effective protection from oxidation and subsequent free radical damage.

Vitamin E with its superior antioxidant activity helps to increase product shelf life prevents cells from oxidative damage and nourishes skin with its moisturising effect.




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