Chakra oil Set – 7 Blends of oils for 7 Chakras

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Chakra Oils


The holistic healthfulness of a being involves the harmony of the gross, subtle and subtle most dimensions of the being, namely the body, mind and spirit dimensions, As more and more attention is being turned towards these aspects for creating perfect health, we are becoming increasing receptive towards the idea that we are not just bodies , rather we are complex synergetic bodies.

Our ancient scriptures have talked about the CHAKRAS, literally “wheel or vortex” of major energy center in subtle body , responsible for specific physiological and psychic functions. Chakras exist on the outside of the gross or the etheric body and are points of connection through which energy flows from one being to another. Chakras are like flowers on a stalk , and connect from the front of the body all the way to the back of spine. Though the chakras are invisible you can feel them by hand. When there is balance among the chakras , you have maximum vitality, health and body ecastatic . The energy flowing is what makes it possible for our physical bodies to exist.

CHAKRAS open and close according to our emotions and our state of mind. There are many ways to stimulate, harmonise or balance the chakras through massage, meditation, yoga and Essential oils. As essential oils are the life force or prana of the plant, they in turn nourish our pranas too, used since ages by our ancient sages in their vedic practice. These essential oils increase or fine tune our vibrations, help subtle bodies and strengthen our aura. F.M’s Aromatherapy has developed a range of Seven Chakra oils for each chakra , available individually or in form of a seven oils kit also. They are ready application oils cand be applied directly at chakra points as per the instructions.

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