Herbasense Real Shilajit – Asphaltum – Purified Mineral Pitch – Real Himalayan Shilajit

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Real Shilajit – Asphaltum – Purified Mineral Pitch

Origin : Himalayan Mountains

Other Names : Mumijo, Mumiyo, Mumio, Mountain Balsam, Mountain Blood, Rock sweat, Mineral pitch oil, or Stone oil.


Herbasense Shilajit is purified with Natural Mineral Spring warm water, which is boiled to over 100 degrees to remove impurities. It is not treated in any other way. Thus has maximum potency. This is 100% pure shilajit and has not been mixed with any other herb or Mineral.

Shilajit is found only on high altitude mountains. The meaning of shilajit in hindi is ‘shila’ means mountain peak ‘jeet’ means winning. So it means “Conqueror of Mountains”. It is also known as “Destroyer of weakness” or “Nectar from Gods”.

Shilajit is also known as Mineral oil or Mineral Pitch oil as it seeps through cracks out of the mountain due to the warmth of heat.

Shilajit is found in

Himalayan Mountains {South Asian region, where Mount Everest(Nepal), India (Kashmir), China & Pamir range combine. Himalayan range has over 100 mountains}

Altai Mountains (East Central Asian mountain range, where Russia, China, Mongolia & Khazakhstan come together),

Caucasus Mountains (Eurasian Mountain range, where Russia, Armenia, Azarbaijan & Turkey combine – The area between Black Sea & Caspian Sea is known as Caucausus region ). &

Central Asia Mountains range (From Caspian Sea to West China & from Afghan to Russia).

How to check if it is real or fake ?

The real shilajit is very rare and thus an expensive product. The real Shilajit starts melting while holding in hands at body temperature. infact at 20 – 23 deg C. The real shilajit is sticky & cannot be powdered. If you find powdered shilajit it is either fake or mixed with something.


It has very distinctive smell that smells like mixture of bitumen & very dark chocolate. The smell & the taste is bitter. The percentage of Fulvic acid present in shilajit depends upon region where it comes from.

The shilajit tablets or Capsules may contain some Shilajit, but are usually mixed with Triphala   or other herbs. The percentage of shilajit in Tablets or Capsules is only between 2% to 8%.

The real Shilajit fully dissolves in water, but not in alcohol. It also dissolves in Benzene, acetone, Methanol & Ethanol, but not in alcohol.It can be stored in fridge.

How to Consume : Herbasense Shilajit is pure, so you only need very little. Small size of rice grain (1/8th of a gram) once or twice a day is enough. Do not take overdose.Shilajit can be mixed with water & stored in jar. 25g should last you at least 3-5 months.


The paste also can be applied externally small quantity mixed with base creams.

There maybe hundreds of stories of its originality & Potency, but one can only say after using it.






Disclaimer : We do not recommend intake of any Herbal Product without Proper Medical guidance.

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