Single Seed Himalayan Garlic – Loose – Bulk Order

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Single Seed Himalayan Garlic – Loose – Bulk Order

Origin : Himalayan Region of Kashmir (India)



Herbalveda’s Single Seed Himalayan Garlic

Botanical Name: Allium Sativum

Indian Name: Lahsoon

Single Seed Himalayan Garlic is not a seed

Single Seed Himalayan Garlic can be rightly named as Emperor of Herbs,  as Garlic is knownas the King of herbs


There is no  other herb  on the earth that has 17 amino acids, 33 sulphuric compounds, more than 200 enzymes.

Single Seed Himalayan Garlic has at least Seven times more calories (energy) than the normal Garlic (We have the Lab report to prove this).

The unpleasant odour in garlic is due to ifs sulphur compounds.

Garlic has at least 33 sulphuric compounds

Single Seed Himalayan Garlic does not linger on breath unlike normal garlic

Selenium and Diallyl sulphides (DAS), i.e.  – Diallyl disulphides’ (DADS) & trisulphides(DATS) a volatile organosulfur compounds ( both are fat soluble compounds ) are  present in garlic

Selenium: A sulphur type mineral that is found in Garlic

The level of selenium in Single Seed Himalayan Garlic is at least 9 ppm.

The average dosage should be 2 to 4 cloves a day

Garlic also contains 17 amino acids, which include lysine, arginine and cysteine

Alternatively, make a tincture.

Tincture Recipe :  Put 20 to 30 either minced or whole garlic cloves, 2 to 4 teaspoons ground cinnamon, 2 to 4 teaspoons powdered cloves into 150 gms of 100-proof vodka in a dark-coloured glass jar or bottle with a lid. Seal tightly. Store out of direct sunlight, Keep shaking it every few days.

The tincture will be ready to use in 14 days.

Filter the tincture and keep it in dark bottle and it should last you at least 2 years. This can be taken internally, for internal use add 12 – 15 drops of this tincture to half a glass of warm water and drink it twice a day.

According to Ayurveda scriptures written thousands of years ago, have mentioned Garlic as Tamasic

Warning: Eating Garlic will affect your social life, but will deter vampires! – No Himalayan Garlic will only smell for 15-20 minutes & not therafter

– We do not recommend intake of any herbs without the guidance of Medical Practitioner or Herbalist


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