Pulling oil (Advanced) – Gandusha oil (with Co2 oils) – For Dental & Oral Care (Glass Bottle)

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Advanced Pulling Oil  – Gandusha Oil Advanced

Manufactured & Packed by Herbalveda in UK

Ingredients: MCT Oil -Medium Chain Triglyceride FG, De-odorised Sesame seed oil, Peppermint(Mentha piperita), Tulsi  Leaf Essential Oil(Ocimum sanctum,  Clove Bud Essential oil (Syzygium aromaticum), Toothache tree oil  – Tomar seed (Xanthoxylum amatum) , Cardamom  Essential Oil



Oil pulling or Gandusha has been a traditional remedy for over 5000 years in Ayurvedic medicine – the ancient Indian healing system. It is increasingly being added to people’s morning brush and floss routine, but it involves taking a teaspoon of oil and swishing it round for 5 to 20 minutes before spitting it out and some of the further benefits attributed to it in Ayurvedic medicine include glowing skin, fresher breath and a better ability to fight colds, exhaustion, and dark circles under the eyes (we haven’t got any studies on those though).

Oil pulling must be done on an empty stomach or at least four hours after eating, an hour after drinking water or clear liquids.


Directions : Use about a teaspoonful of Herbasense Pulling oil. Hold the oil in the mouth for  5-20 minutes, swishing it around and moving it in the mouth as much as possible. Spit out the oil (down the toilet or in the bin) Rinse the mouth with warm water.

Did you know ?

Its proven that oil pulling Oil pulling is likely to lessen the bacterial load in the mouth

Lauric acid in coconut oil has proven anti inflammatory and antimicrobial effects



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