Cassie Floral Wax – Acacia farnesiana 100% Pure & Natural

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Please Note :  Herbasense Cassie Floral Wax is Real Floral Wax – a by product of Floral Absolute manufacturing. This is not a Melt wax or made by mixing other waxes or oils as many other suppliers do

Allergen Information : All our Products are packed at our facilities in London UK , where Nuts, Seeds, Cereals or other Gluten products are also packed & Handled


Cassie  Floral Wax – Natural Wax

INCI : Acacia farnesiana

Origin : Egypt

Other names : Cassie Flower, Cassie Absolute, Sweet Acacia, Arimeda, Vitkhadira, Vilaayati Kikar, Gandbabuul, Guyaa Babuul, Durgandh Khair, Kastuurivel, Veddayala, Mimosa bush, Needle bush, Cassie flower, Fragrant acacia, Ironwood, Sweet acacia, Sweet wattle, गुह बबूल Guh baboool, Gukikar, Gandh babool, Chigong lei, गुकीकर Gukikar, Nagatumma, Kasturigibbali,  ગંધેલો બબૂલ Gandhelo babul, Kapur, Kadivel, கஸ்தூரிவேல் Kasthurivel, பீக்கருவேல் Pikkaruvel, তৰুৱা কদম Tarua kadam, Guyababula

By Product of the Absolute manufacturing – Food Grade Hexane is used in extraction process.

Main Chemical Constituents : benzyl, anisic, decylic and cuminic aldehydes, as well as traces of geraniol, farnesol and linalool.

Can be added to Natural Skincare, Facial Massage oils, Creams etc in variation of 5 to 15%

Origin : Egypt

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